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Concept Blog: Artsy-Kei

Just wanted to announce that I have another blog I’ve been posting on for awhile. Its a collection of images of a certain style that I find cohesive. Although I’m honestly not a huge fan of the dubbing of the term “kei” to specific style by someone who didn’t start it, I thought that using “Artsy-kei” or “Artsy Style” could kind of give a mental image of what I’m expressing here. This style was not started by one shop or particular brand, and again is just more of a concept. What do you guys think? Please follow if you’re interested in this kind of fashion. Here are some things that I like and want to incorporate into this blog:
Sometimes obvious “artistic” elements
Unnatural hair color
Very eclectic/multi layered/abstract fashion

Think paint, pom-pom’s, crafty galore, with an avant garde taste.